Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pinch of love

I read an article from an old Irish folklore.  It was a story about the people who lived in Acorn Trees.  There was one woman who always put a pinch of something from her special jar in everything she made; whether it was breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drink.  As the years passed, the old woman continued her tradition and none of her family knew what was in the jar.

When she passed away, her husband decided to look in the jar to see what she had been putting in her cooking all those years.  When he opened the jar, he found nothing but a piece of paper.  When he opened the neatly folded paper, it read, "Love".

The woman had been putting a pinch of love in all of her dishes, which is why they tasted so good.

This is such an inspirational story and can be incorporated into life as a whole.  If we put a pinch of love into even just one person every day, our day and that person's day will be much better.

Luana ola!