Friday, August 8, 2014

Wedding Update!

We are well on our way in planning this wedding!

So far, we have a venue, photographer, and DJ and we just finalized our cake!!  Sadly, I wasn't able to take any pictures of the cake tasting, but I can tell you that we have our cake finalized!  It is going to be 3 layers with 3 different flavors, all covered in white frosting and bright blue decorations of swirls and dots.  To add a touch of elegance, we are also adding silk ribbon tied around each layer.  It might be hard to picture, but I know this baker is very good and she will make a beautiful cake!

The day before this cake tasting, Andrew and I had a very active day!  First, we biked to Xsport for yoga, then biked to a nature conservatory.  From there, we walked around for about 2 hours, then biked home.  This gave us a total of around 20 miles of movement between the walking and biking!  It was so great.  Take a look at some of the things we saw:

What have you been doing this summer for fun/adventure?

Luana ola!  Enjoy life!