Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School

Well friends, it's almost time to go back to school (if you are in school that is).  Even for those of you who are all finished with school and have no children in school, this time of year still probably brings about a sense of anxiety as the seasons change and we move towards the holidays.

To begin this change in season, I went (am going) through a bunch of craziness that I won't bore you with on this blog as it's personal and not uplifting.  But, I have had so many wonderful people in my life who have encouraged me with love and strength to push through and reminded me that it is through though times and challenges in which we become stronger.  It is so so very true!

During this phase of my life, so many new challenges and aspects of life find me practically every day.  It is so interesting to go through because we truly don't know what it's like before it happens to us.  Like every other 18 year old, I thought I was on top of the "real" world when I went to college!  Boy was I wrong!  Although I am back in college, finishing up a RD licensing program, I am finding out more and more about how different the "real" world and college truly are.  In all honesty, college is like day care for young adults.  You have the illusion of being on your own, but you are typically not paying bills, loans, and all other life expenses that hit you hard after college.

I just wanted to write this post today to give a shout out to all of you who sent me love, hugs, and strength and to share with those of you who are going through a rough time; whether it be financial, relationship, moving, etc.  There are people who love you and will never let you fall hard!  Keep on moving and don't let hardships get in your way.  Push through them with all of your strength, and then rest when you get to the other side because it will be so beautiful!

Luana ola!