Monday, July 22, 2013

A Day in the Life

Instead of just jumping right into the faire and festivities of today, I am going to take you through a day in my life (well, Sundays...let it be known that this is not a typical day by any means):

6am- I couldn't go to sleep last night, but I woke up this morning, wide awake and energized, an hour before my alarm.  My prediction is that I was so excited for the Renaissance Faire (aka RF for ease in typing) I just could not sleep anymore.  I am definitely a little kid at heart when it comes to vacationing or making fun plans.

7am- I had a banana before going to teach yoga at the Schaumburg Xsport.  This class is so fun.  I usually have 8-10 people in class, but for some reason there were only 3 that showed up!  It was great though because I really got to talk on a more personal level with my students and put more effort into each of their practices to help them grow stronger and more confident.  I was so excited that I threw in 3 new postures!  But the great thing was that they loved it!  I was worried at first that I was getting too far ahead of myself and my students might not be ready, but as any teacher knows, your students only go as far as you take them and they often surprise you with what they can do.  It was so much fun watching them explore the postures and make them their own.

9:30am- the 1 hour class began and was finished before I knew it.  I wrapped it up with my students and went out to the car to head up to Bristol WI. (With 2 more bananas and an apple down the hatch).

11:00- we made it to the RF! As we waited for the rest of our group, Andrew, P, and I watched the fire whip show! This guy was pretty cool. He used many different types of whips to show off his skills by slicing a can, popping a balloon between a guy's legs, and lighting the whips on fire while performing!

Noon- when K and C got there, we all got a bite to eat.  We mainly snacked throughout the afternoon, so I'll just list out what Andrew and I shared: mushrooms, grilled pineapple, he had Spanish fries, and I had a pickle.  I didn't have any of the fries, but Andrew loved them and I thought the rest of the food was good as well.

After seeing some acrobats, a juggler, and lots of fun and interesting "garb", we all left the RF by 5pm.  No sooner did we get in the car and head to my grandpa's house, it started to pour rain!  We got lucky.

5:30pm- Dinner and dessert for my cousin's birthday!  Since there was no food we really wanted to eat (all beef...), we settled with PBJ and canned veggies.  Trust me friends, this was the best we could do without leaving the house and spending more money, so it's not bad, it could have been much much worse.  But wait till you hear about uncle bought the traditional strawberry-banana filled white cake with whipped cream frosting and my mom made peanut butter banana cupcakes.  Let me tell you, they were vegan and so delicious!!  They definitely satisfied my peanut butter craving.  Wait...why did I have a PB craving after having a PBJ sandwich?  Because I love PB!

7pm- Sadly, we had to eat and run, but after all we had an hour drive and early to rise in the morning.

After getting home and changing out of RF garb, we relaxed and read before going to sleep.  All in all, I could not have planned a better day (or weekend).  It was so refreshing and relaxing to get out of routine and live by the hour for once.

Thank you for taking the time to follow me and my adventures with this blog.  My next post will be about yoga classes and a retreat coming up soon!  Be sure to comment below :)

Luana ola!