Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Pillars of the Earth

     As I mentioned before, I told you that I would be writing a review about this 1,000 page book when I finished.  Well...I finished!!  It only took me 6 weeks to read, and I wasn't reading every day.  I sort of took it in spurts:  one day I would not read it because I was too busy and another day I would be reading until my eyes could just no longer stay open and the pages began to blur!

My initial reaction to the book was, "Amazing!", but don't worry, I'll delve more into that...

First things first, I highly suggest this book to those who love history and a good story. There is action, romance, building, and religion all tied in to this book.  It is definitely an adult read due to the graphic contents.  One point about this that is highly note-worthy is that some of the paragraphs got extremely graphic! (let's just say I would not want to read them aloud, I even had a hard time reading them to myself!)

I don't say this much about books, but I do think I will read this one again!  Ken Follet (the author) puts great care into creating a perfect scene and blends the multiple plots very well.  One minute you will be reading about building the cathedral, and the next minute is a battle.  It is very realistic for the period (12th century) and he uses correct terminology.  So check it out for yourself and let me know what you think! Click here to buy!

Andrew and I are now watching the short T.V series, but it is nothing like the book and gives very little credit to the beautiful plot and story line that the author created.

Luana ola!