Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 3 Mother's Day Ideas!!

Happy May!!

With Mother's Day being just around the corner, I thought I'd share some fun ways to celebrate all mothers.

It is important to note here that moms come in many shapes and forms.  Here are just three of the types of moms I have met in my life:
  • Best Friend's Mom- This is when you and your best friend are so close, it is like you share moms.
  • College Mom- This is not a sorority-type, but that teacher or boss (you know who you are!!) whom you spend every day with sharing stories, learning, and growing.  During the college years, you find this person, not as a replacement, but as a rock for you to be supported on while your mom is miles away.
  • Mom Mom- This is the woman who raised you.  Whether she gave birth to you, adopted you, or simply raised you as her own, this woman knows every thing bout you.  She was probably there for many milestones in your life.  
All of these types of mothers help to raise stubborn kids into outstanding adults.  They make sure you are taken care of, well fed, and show respect.  These moms make you feel strong and secure in the person you are becoming.  They show you so much love, it sometimes makes you want to cry.  

These women are strong, dedicated, under-appreciated, and loving all at the same time.  

You know your mom better than anyone else.  So, this Mother's Day, show her how much you appreciate her by doing something a little different:
  • Instead of taking her to brunch, surprise her by making breakfast!
  • Instead of buying her yet another piece of jewelry, take her to a garden and spend the whole day walking, talking, and admiring the beautiful flowers.
  • Instead of buying a card, write her a poem or a simple note telling her how much she means to you.
Remember, it is not the size or dollar amount of the gift, but the thought that goes into the gift that counts.  And hand-made or donation-based (i.e. donating to a charity in her name) gifts are always welcome.

What are you doing for your Mom this Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Here's an adorable shot of our tortoise!  If you've been following the blog for awhile, you will see how big she's gotten.  She now loves to climb out of her tank, or even on top of the lights!!