Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The BEST Halloween costume for less than $15!!!

See my YouTube video!!
  • Long black skirt (can find at almost all thrift stores for < $5)
  • Black peasant shirt or bodice (I just so happen to own a reversible bodice, so I lucked out there, but I have seen loads of adorable off-the-shoulder tops at Goodwill and Savers)
  • Old fashioned shoes (or black flats will work, or heck go for the grunge look and wear just striped stockings!)
  • Makeup (this is where it can get tricky, but if you own two or three shades of brown, you're practically good to go!)
    • I only had to buy a couple of makeup items, the rest I already owned, but E.L.F. has some great products for very little money.  And they are vegan/not tested on animals!
    • Black eye liner
    • varying shades of brown eye shadow
    • purple eye shadow, optional
    • dark berry-colored lipstick
    • the lightest shade of foundation or BB cream you can find (don't worry about matching your skin color on this one)
    • false eye lashes, optional (the more wild, the better)
Directions:  Prepare for a long post, but I did also make a video!  Check it out here!!

  • For the face makeup:
    • Before applying makeup, I’ve heard from some beauty experts that you should use a moisturizer and primer.  Since I don’t typically use these things, I am going to skip this step, but if that is part of your normal makeup routine, go for it!  Side note:  I’ve heard that the primer will reduce the look of pores, making your complexion more flawless.  Having flawless, magical skin can be important, depending on your costume of choice..
    • Now, begin by applying your super pale foundation or BB cream.  As I said before, I am no makeup expert, so I had to do some research on the differences.  From what I gather, BB cream is more moisturizing and feels less heavy on the skin while foundation generally has more coverage.  Because this is a once a year event, I just got whatever I could find for the least amount of money, that was of course not tested on animals.  Don’t forget to cover your ears and neck!
    • This next step will be done twice (once now and once at the very end) to set the makeup and give it a matte finish (no shiny noses!) once the face is completed.  Take some white face powder, I got mine a few years ago from a Halloween store and it is actual makeup-artist white powder, but any white loose powder will do.  Now, take a large fluffy brush, dab it in the powder and dust it all over your face, don’t forget your ears and neck!
    • Now onto the favorite part!  Here’s where you’ll need black eyeliner.  First, you are going to line your lower waterline; if you’ve never done this before, try to find a crayon-like liner (like the one pictured) as it has no pointy edges that might stick your eye.  If you are an experienced makeup artist, feel free to use what you are used to.  I, personally like to use a small angled brush and loose black eye shadow.
    • Next, take a black eye shadow (or the same liner) and apply like normal eye liner on the bottom lash line.
    • For the eye lids:  Take a medium-brown eye shadow and apply all over the lid.  Use a darker shade of brown and draw a sideways v-shape on the outside corners of your eyes.  Take a fluffy brush and blend it all together.  For an added effect, use a dark purple eye shadow as an accent over that dark brown and along your bottom lash line.  Now, line your top lash line with black mascara, feel free to use a liquid liner and add a little drama!
    • Now, you can either apply false lashes or use mascara to pull the eye-look all together.
    • Since witches and the like have very defined features, we are going to use the same dark brown eye shadow from earlier to define that strong chin, pointy nose, and high cheekbones to give you a nice sunken/ half-dead look.
    • Using a standard eye shadow brush, make a triangle along your temples and blend downward.  Outline the bridge of your nose and blend downward.  Finally, hollow out those cheeks by making a “fish face” and contouring the sunken in part with that same dark brown eye shadow (or black for even more drama!)
    • Finally, give yourself some bold eyebrows by dusting them with dark brown or black eye shadow.  Feel free to get fun with it and make your eyebrows thick and pointy if you’d like!
    • Apply one more dose of that white powder, add a costume and hat, and you are ready to scare!

Be sure to check out my YouTube video to see me apply this makeup!  Also, tag me on Instagram or Twitter so I can see what makeup you are doing for Halloween!!  Or use #YogiRDHalloween