Monday, September 9, 2013

Step 3 for Grocery Shopping

It took me an extra week, but here it is...the final step that I use to keep grocery bills low.  Since we have an over abundance of apples, tomatoes, and leftovers right now, there will be no grocery bill this week except for any odds and ends that may come up.

So on to step 3:
Once you have gotten all of your fresh in season, off the sale rack produce, hit up the isles for bulk items like rice, beans, nuts, and seeds (if you so desire, because hey you can totally thrive on loads and loads of fresh produce!!).  The great thing about these items is that they may seem to cost a lot when you buy them, but guess what...they last a long time!!!!!

So there you have it, my 3 tips on buying fresh and keeping the grocery bill low:

  1. Check out the weekly ads and online sales
  2. Discount bins and in season produce
  3. Bulk items

Ok, so one more thing before I sign off here.  I will definitely be getting my you tube videos up and running by October first.  I am striving to do one per week, so please fill me in on topics you'd like for me to discuss, otherwise I will be explaining my new adventure in food and basically fun things that are going on in my life now.  Please subscribe to my blog to get the latest updates as well and come back soon to see what the name of my channel will be!!!! (hint:  it's not Luana ola...)

Luana ola!