Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Plant Roots

I am so sorry for taking so long to write up another post.  I promise to do better in the future...

Right now, I have so many books that I am reading/skimming through, but there is one that I picked up from the library that I just have to tell you all about!  It is called Plant Roots and is written by Rex Bowlby.

This quote from the book really stuck out to me:
"The bathtub is overflowing and the medical profession is there to bail water from the tub to the sink, soak up the floor with towels, and build up the sides of the tub. Certainly, those measures will help, but they will have no where near the impact of simply turning the water off"

It makes complete sense when you really think about it in terms of degenerative and infectious diseases.  Before I get into that, let me break down these two terms.  Infectious diseases are those that come on fast by a bacteria or virus and more than likely need to be treated with medication in order to be taken care of.  Degenerative diseases, on the other hand, are slow-moving diseases that deteriorate different parts of the body.  These diseases are mainly caused by nutritional deficiencies and/or an overabundance of unnecessary nutrients like fat, animal protein, and refined sugar.

That being said, the quote above makes sense because as a species, humans have created many helpful medications to take care of and even completely diminish, which makes infectious diseases less deadly for us.  Now that we don't have to worry about infectious diseases as much and are living longer, degenerative diseases are increasing drastically.  Since medication worked in the past, we have come to believe that medication can solve our problems in the present.  Well, we seem to be seeing that this is just not the case.  By taking medications for degenerative diseases like diabetes, certain cancers, MS, and many others, we are just masking the problem (or mopping the puddles if you will).  In order to simply turn off the faucet, we need to start eating what comes from Nature and is what our bodies should naturally consume:  plants of all forms.

Question of the day:
If you could live a longer and healthier life by simply replacing animal products with plant products (i.e. cow's milk vs almond milk, animal cheese vs soy cheese, meat vs beans) would you?

Luana ola!