Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Veggie Fest Recap!...And my overdose of sun...

Hi friends!

Can I just say that I am so proud of myself for actually having something to say every Wednesday morning for you?!  I hope you are enjoying reading my thoughts as much as I love writing them!

Ok on to the good stuff that is Veggie Fest!  It was a beautifully hot day, the sun was beaming down (I got some raccoon eyes...), and it was a perfect day to walk around and be outside!


This year's Veggie Fest was held in Lisle, and I got the joy of sharing it with a dear friend, Gabriella.
We had tons of samples from some amazing vendors, but also had just enough room for some good eats as well.  On the left side above, I (the one with the bracelet) had vegan sushi with tofu pockets and Gabriella had veggie fried rice with Meatless Chicken strips.  Both were outstanding, but we had to have some dessert...On the right, I had raw vegan mango cheesecake and she had vegan lemon cake.  Again, both outstanding!

In the spirit of my favorite time of year (and Holiday), I had to share this picture with you all!

Above is just one of the many vendors that had great samples for us to try.  Here, we tried several varieties of spiced nuts and granola; all raw and vegan (and much more, according to the sign).

It was a really great day, so great, we ended it with a shot!
Yes, mine is green juice and hers is turmeric's the way we do it :)

I had so much fun wandering the grounds, sharing stories, catching up, and enjoying good food.  Have any of you been to a festival like this?  If so (or even if you'd like to go), let me know in the comments where you went and what you enjoyed most about it!