Friday, December 5, 2014

Why am I vegan?

Hi friends!  You may or may not know that I am vegan, and that's ok!  I prefer not to have labels.  But, recently, I have been reintroduced to some of the reasons that I decided to "go vegan" in the first place.

1. Health and weight loss
     Let's be honest, our egos get the best f us sometimes.  I first went vegan as a way to lose weight.  You know what the crazy part is though?...I actually gained weight!  It was a healthy, and dare I say necessary, weight gain though.  I went through a rough phase of restricting calories and exercising as much as I could.  When I first did my vegan challenge in 2012, it was merely to lose more weight; although I told myself it was for health reasons...

2. The animals
     I have always been an animal lover.  Ask any one of my family members or friends and they will let you know that I have been crazy about animals since a very young age.  After I had finished my 30 day vegan challenge, I was feeling really good physically and mentally.  Through those 30 days, I was doing some research on being vegan and learned a lot about the treatment of animals.  See links below:
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Food Matters
Supersize Me
The China Study
Okinawa Program

3. Protecting our home
    Now that I have been vegan (on and off) for about 3 years, I am learning more and more about the impact that animal farming has on our planet's ecosystem.  Much like how the bacteria on and in our bodies have a symbiotic relationship with us, we have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth.  When the bad bacteria or parasite gets to be too abundant, we get sick...when one species begins to take over Earth without replenishing or recycling resources, the Earth gets "sick"...

Over the last year, many people (including family) have continued to ask me if and why I am vegan.  Since I do not like to be the center of attention, I usually dismiss the question and share the piece of cookie/cake in celebration of whatever the event is.  Now, I have not straight up eaten meat at all, but the occasional dairy product gets thrown in every now and then.  One time, when a new friend asked about being vegan, I had a family member jump right in and say that I wasn't.  Honestly, I was quite offended.  Although I do not go out of my way to "preach" that I am vegan, I do take the time to assess my situation and make sure that both my lifestyle choice and the comfort of the people around me is taken into consideration.  If that meant having a cookie that was baked with an egg, then that's what it meant.

On that note, I have been watching and reading more vegan documentaries and articles and I am ready to say no to any animal product or byproduct.  If that means bringing my own dessert to share or an entire meal for Andrew and I to holidays and celebrations, then that is what I will do.  I love and care too deeply for my body, animals, and Earth to not be vegan and I appreciate all of you who understand my lifestyle choices!!  This is by no means putting down those who eat meat.  Andrew and I are the only veg-heads in our combined families, but for the most part, they all respect that and I am so grateful  and respectful of their love!

Please leave a comment below on why you are vegan or even why you are not, but please be respectful...

Much honor and love.