Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zucchini Pasta and First Video!!

Hi friends!!

So I'm sure you all are wondering when that video will at least I hope you are!!

Well, it will be up and running tomorrow as soon as I finish editing it.  Beware, though it is sort of long as I like to ramble.  Funny how my blog posts seem to be so short and yet I can chat away to a camera lens :)

Anyways, the YouTube channel is called RawYogaFitness and I hope you all check it out and love it.  I am a bit nervous (as you will be able to see in the video), but bear with me as it is my first time really putting myself out there and such.

So please leave comments either here on the blog or on the channel, letting Annie and me know what you'd like to see in future videos.  We are making weekly videos focusing on raw foods, fitness, and yoga (hence the title).

Much happiness and enjoy life!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Smoothie of Love

I know, I know it not February yet...don't worry I'm not one to get caught up in the Hallmark holiday, but this smoothie just screamed love!  It tastes great and it's great for you!  Drink this smoothie any time of year to help your body to be strong, healthy, and happy.

I really got the idea to make this smoothie simply because I have a huge bag of cranberries that need to be eaten and I'm just not feeling juicing them.

 How beautiful is that??!!  Because of the ingredients, the smoothie of love can get bitter and / or have a bit of extra texture if you do not have a very powerful blender.  This is simply due to the hard nature of cranberries and gritty texture of pears, no big deal my friends, no big deal at all.  In fact, as someone who generally can not stand texture in smoothies, I gulped this one down like a champ! (It probably helped that I was REALLY hungry after working out too...)


So here's the recipe and feel free to play around with the ingredients to suit your own palate.  Be sure to use ripe bananas (that means they have a few brown speckles on them).  Your smoothie will be plenty sweet then.  But alas, if it is not sweet enough for you, you can add a few dates or other sweetener of choice.

Smoothie of Love:  serves 1

  • 2-3 medium bananas
  • 1 c fresh cranberries
  • 1 large pear
    • Peel bananas,  core the pear, and add to the blender with the cranberries.
    • Add 2-3 cups of water and a handful of ice cubes
    • Blend until smooth and enjoy!!
If you do try this recipe, please feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what you think.

Luana ola!

p.s.  My friend Annie (another blogger whom I will be sharing her blog with you soon!) will be starting a YouTube channel soon!!  Keep checking in and leaving comments to find out more!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feeling alive, when all you want to do is stay home during the cold

In the midst of bringing in the New Year, I have found myself spending more and more time in the comfort of my own home.  Now, this could be mostly to do with the fact that there has been loads of snow here in the Midwest, but I also find it quite relaxing and comforting during these cold months to enjoy being home.

In this week's post, I wanted to address seasonal affective disorder (SAD for short).  It is a very real part of life especially in areas that do not get an abundance of sunshine during the winter.  Some symptoms of this "disorder" include depression, lethargy, tiredness, or even mood swings.  I really don't like that it is called a disorder though because that makes it sound worse than it really is.  Those symptoms are not fun to deal with, but they can be prevented and even reversed if the correct precautions are made.

If you are in a colder climate where the sun does not really shine all that much during particular times of the year, some of these tips might help you to feel better:

  • Make sure you are getting vitamin D every day whether that be from fortified foods or a supplement
  • Exercise to reduce stress and increase endorphins (feel good hormones)
  • Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water (ex. a 150 lb person would need 75 ox water per day)
  • Try to be by a window to see the daylight as much as possible.  This will help balance your circadian rhythm (inner clock), making sleep patterns consistent and deep.
  • Write down some things you are thankful for or a fun thing that happened that day every night before you go to sleep or right when you wake up.  This will help to keep a positive perspective and help you to feel more happy throughout the day.
The overall point of this post is to help you feel alive during the cold winter.  It is so easy to wrap up stay by yourself during these dark cold months, but if you make an effort to go outside and enjoy it the winter will be over before you even know it.

So, think of the warm sun and enjoy the snow while you can.  Please leave a comment about one of your favorite things to do in the winter that keeps you happy.

Luana ola!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Challenging Me in 2014

Kind of rhymes...right???

In this final post of 2013, I am going to share with you all some of my goals for 2014 (in no particular order).  I am going to print out this post, hang it on my refrigerator, and check off accomplishments as they happen to keep me on track.  Feel free to join me by typing out your own resolutions big or small and leave comments on my Youtube channel / here on the blog so we can help keep each other accountable and motivated!  Are you ready to bring in the New Year??!!

  • Write 1 blog post per week
  • Upload 1 You Tube video per week
  • Sell at least 20 Medieval Feats and Marvelous Treats books
  • Get Married!!!!
  • Find more love for myself and those around me
  • Tone up and lose 3-5% body fat

  • Have a consistent yoga practice (i.e. 3 times per week, not including teaching)
  • Other forms of exercise 2-3 times per week for 30-60 minutes
  • Write a Yoga book
  • Write second Cookbook!
  • Get all A's in nutrition classes
  • Get a great internship
Bonus Adventures:
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Try snorkeling
  • Gain more drive and passion for adventure!

There is so much more I could write, but I think you'd all get bored after awhile...leave a comment below with any YouTube video suggestions and/or new topics you'd like to hear about in 2014!

Luana ola!